Past Meetings

Nov 2013

Startup Weekend Talks

Join SacInteractive for a special meeting this November as part of Startup Weekend. We're partnering with our friends and hosts at Hacker Lab to offer 4 presentations in one evening. Each of the presentations will be 20 minutes long, each on an exciting HTML/JS/CSS topic.

The presentations will demonstrate the highlights of each technology and how it could be useful for you at the Startup Weekend.

Here are the topics:

  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS

After the presentations we'll have an open question session where you can get more in depth questions answered, or even sit down and get code help one on one.

Oct 2013

Dynamic CSS
Seth Duffey

Improve your HTML development speed, maintainability, and most importantly your happiness by using dynamic CSS.

Dynamic CSS will help you build your Cascading Style Sheets in a friendly programmatic way. This allows you to create robust, organized, easy to modify code. Features such as variables and other shorthand methods provide easy to read code that generates more complex output CSS.

In this presentation we will focus on two different dynamic CSS options: LESS CSS and Stylus. We'll start from the basics and move to more advanced features.

Sept 2013

Developing an indie game for iPhone
Jason Faria

"Developing an indie game for iPhone from soup to nuts"
Jason Faria is an indie game developer who recently released a puzzle game called Zinkle for iPhone. He will be speaking about his strategy, development and hurdles he had from the conception of the game idea to publishing on the Apple App Store

The game is a native iOS app using Objective C using the Cocos2d framework. XCode for the IDE. Adobe Photoshop for graphics. TexturePacker to create sprite sheets.

Aug 2013

Adobe Brackets and Edge-Code
Rob Huddleston

New Adobe Development Tools
Rob Huddleston will be presenting on Brackets and Adobe Edge Code, two new HTML/CSS/JS development tools from Adobe. Rob will demonstrate some of the features of these tools, including in-context CSS and JS editing and their integration with Adobe Edge Inspect, which allows for real-time previewing of files on mobile devices.

July 2013

Sidney Maestre

Put some Backbone.js in your Apps
When developing HTML5 application, your code is bound to get more complex over time. Employing design patterns like MVC are important for separating concerns and creating more modular and reusable code. Backbone.js is one of the more popular JavaScript frameworks to help you do this. Unfortunately, like most open source, the documentation is a work in progress. Don't worry, I'll walk you through a series of examples that build on each other as I show how the moving parts work together. As a bonus, we'll add the StackMob JavaScript SDK to persist you data in the cloud in minutes.


June 2013

Intro to AngularJS
Seth Duffey

Join us in June for an introduction to AngularJS. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that makes creating single-page HTML applications simple and enjoyable.

Come find out how easy this framework is to use and how powerful it is. All skill levels are welcome, we'll start from the basics and move our way to some more advanced demonstrations of what AngularJS can do for you.

May 2013

Intro to jQuery
Nolan Erck

jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily add features like animation, dynamic content, events, and AJAX to web and mobile apps. How is jQuery used, and where do you start learning? Is jQuery really saving me headaches and making me more productive?

We'll answer those questions, give an introductory look into jQuery, how to add it to a website, some examples of tasks jQuery makes easier, and go over a few other basics to get you up and running. (Some previous experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be helpful, but not required.)

March 2013

Seth Duffey

Please join us at our first meeting at Hacker Lab in downtown Sacramento This month's presentation is an introduction to PhoneGap. PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using HTML and distribute the app to multiple devices (Apple, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, etc) The presentation will start from the basics and move to demonstrating specific features and developing apps on different platforms.