A Sacramento user group for developers of interactive applications


We're a group of developers passionate about teaching, learning, discussing, & developing amazing applications and user experiences.

Our user group members develop applications for web, mobile, desktop, game systems, tv, and any thing else we can think of.

Topics we're interested in: Web Development, HTML5, JavaScript, User Experience, iOS, Android, C#, Flex, ColdFusion , Ruby On Rails, more...


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What you don't know about your own resume
Josh Gurin
Wednesday June 21 2017 6:30pm
Hacker Lab (1715 I Street, Sacramento)

Current market landscape – what are you up against and what will they want to see from you? What happened in the last 9 months – overwhelming frequency of templated/fake resumes – what does that mean for you if your resume is real? Career path versus current skills – how can you tell where a role is headed? How are interviews taking place differently now versus last year at this time?

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