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We're a group of developers passionate about teaching, learning, discussing, & developing amazing applications and user experiences.

Our user group members develop applications for web, mobile, desktop, game systems, tv, and anything else we can think of.

Topics we're interested in: Web Development, HTML5, JavaScript, User Experience, iOS, Android, C#,, ColdFusion , Ruby On Rails, Unity, React, Angular, Vue.js, Node, Go, and more...


Next Meeting:

Adding Location Services to your JAMStack
Raymond Camden
Wednesday, June 17th
Online through Zoom!

For the June meeting, we're going to do a “developer show and tell"!

Location services cover a wide range of capabilities. They allow for mapping with custom markers, routing that takes into account traffic and accidents, and geocoding, the transformation of free form
addresses to more precise longitude and latitude values. The JAMStack, while involving static web sites, can easily make use of location services in a variety of ways. From client-side mapping libraries to
serverless functions, your "static" site can do everything from providing custom directions to your users to emailing them customized maps.

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