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We're a group of developers passionate about teaching, learning, discussing, & developing amazing applications and user experiences.

Our user group members develop applications for web, mobile, desktop, game systems, tv, and anything else we can think of.

Topics we're interested in: Web Development, HTML5, JavaScript, User Experience, iOS, Android, C#,, ColdFusion , Ruby On Rails, Unity, React, Angular, Vue.js, Node, Go, and more...


Next Meeting:

Developing an Interactive Simulation from Scratch
Bill Mead
October 20, 6:30pm
Online through zoom!

“Infected” is a project that was created from scratch, just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This talk will take a look at the process and some of the steps taken along the way as well as some of the challenges. We will also discuss next steps in this passion project.

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Upcoming Meetings

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